Lewisville Lake Levels Rise During Drought

The U. S. Drought Monitor tracks drought circumstances across the country and seems to have noted the water level for Lake Lewisville was 12-15 feet down below normal upon Thursday. Typically, the water level is around five toes below regular, but the improved water is usually helping seafood hide and steer clear of predators. Throughout the summer, bigger lake levels will also support fishing businesses. According to Jacky Wiggins, a 31 year doing some fishing guide, the rise in pond levels may help a business.

Pastime watercraft is at risk on Lake Lewisville. At any given time, water levels fluctuate between four to eight feet a year. In high water, a small portion on the pond is submerged, and subjected trunks and other vegetation are susceptible to rotting. It could possibly reach a depth of approximately 67 feet at regular elevation. Nevertheless , the rise in lake amounts in May caused it to be impossible to operate boats or perhaps other recreational watercraft in the area.

For that reason, many people are concerned with the safety of their family. Fortunately, Lewisville Pond is very low, and can be had gone fishing by possibly those who are afraid of water. The liner on the pond is easy and safe just for swimming and canoeing. Even though the water can be shallow relating to the inland level, it is even now safe pertaining to swimming and fishing. The lining for the lake is very thick, communication with the population which means that the surface of the lake is usually shallow and dangerous for the purpose of swimmers.